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Q & a

Question: Does Headzen only work for Migraines?


No.  Headzen is designed to help with all types of headaches.


Question: Can children take Headzen?


While Headzen is 100% natural, to be effective for chronic severe migraines, the dosage of each ingredient is high and in therapeutic doses. The Daily Value % is well over the recommended daily allowance for children. However, a holistic pediatrician may feel differently.  We advise checking with your own Pediatrician for guidance. 

Question: Do you ship outside of the USA?


Yes!  Currently we ship to the UK, India, Canada, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Australia and Germany. We are adding new countries all the time so if you don't see your location in this list and are interested in ordering from us, please send us a email. This list may change based on country restrictions.


Question: How long does it take for Headzen to work?


As our supplement is made of natural ingredients, they need time to reach their maximum potential, and to provide the desired result.  We recommend our customers try our products for at least 2 full months before deciding if the results are up to their expectations.  However, many start to see results in as little as 2 -4 weeks. Keep a log of your headaches before and during to track the improvement.

Question: Do I have to keep taking Headzen after my pain is gone?


Yes. As with all medicines and supplements, to continue to have results you have to keep taking the product as directed. Headzen should be taken daily.


Question: Can Headzen cause Diarrhea?


Magnesium especially in its purest form can have a laxative effect on some.  If this happens to you, we recommend giving your body 3 days to adjust.  If after that you are still having issues reduce your dosage of the liquid minerals to only 2ml a day for a couple of weeks and work your way up to 4ml.

If you are having great results with only 2ml feel free to stay at that dosage.

For further questions please reach out to our customer service at

Question: Is Headzen the same as Migraine Magic?


Yes! Health Restored is the maker of Headzen and in August 2021 re-branded by changing the name of our popular migraine management system from Migraine Magic to Headzen. We kept our signature look and the ingredients are identical so you receive the same results you know and love only with a much better name that encapsulates our brand and the migraine warriors that use it.

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