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All Natural

Ingredients backed
by clinical studies

Veggie capsules

No Fillers

No Artificial ingredients


The ONLY complete system of its kind! Everything you need in one product. High quality natural ingredients intentionally combined in therapeutic doses that are clinically shown to support neurological comfort and reduce total headache days

Headzen Migraine Management System

$67.50 plus Free Shipping
*free shipping U.S. only. International discount shipping

I am in shock! Nothing has worked for my Migraines until now. I was taking a lot of prescriptions that were just causing rebound headaches and other health issues while only helping a little so my neurologist recommended Headzen. I was having 20 headaches a month and now I only have one every 6 months! I started feeling a little better after 2 weeks and by the end of my first bottles I felt great! AND I feel healthier. I can't thank you enough. 

30 Day Supply

Developed through real life experience by a Migraine Sufferer of 35 years.

Two bottle complete system comprised of capsules and liquid magnesium with trace minerals 

Stop Migraines before they happen.

Most saw a reduction in # of headache days by 86% and pain level by 70% on days a headache occured

Targets root cause nutrient deficiencies and triggers

Decrease neuroinflammation to reduce vasospasms and pain

Reduce frequency of migraines by improving brain mitochondrial function

Curcumin, Butterbur (PA Free), Ginger, Riboflavin, B6, B12, D3, Liquid magnesium sea mineral. All Natural. Rice blend for binder


Prophylactic and therapeutic effects on migraine sufferers


Headzen (formerly Migraine Magic)

What People are Saying


I was suffering migraines and headaches almost daily. I didn’t realize how frequent they really were until I started tracking. I’ve been using this product for about 2 months now. This week I could feel a migraine starting but it didn’t break through. I cannot remember the last migraine I had, aside from the aura this week. I usually get migraines with a medicine I take- on top of my other migraines. I haven’t had a med-induced migraine with that for the last 3 weeks.

Also, I am B deficient. I had been taking 2 good Super B’s, along with vitamin D and a few others. With this system I actually have more energy than when I was doubling up on Super B without taking added B. I feel fantastic! I’m pretty sure it’s the magnesium that significantly decreased the inflammation in my shoulders, too! This system is a rock star! Thank you, Jennifer & team! I am shouting it from the proverbial rooftops!


I have had migraines for at least the last 30 years.  More than usual recently due to added stress. I started taking Headzen. This stuff is AMAZING!  I still have the headaches, but they aren’t nearly as bad as they usually are. In addition to lower pain level the number of headache days I have has been reduced.  Situations that used to give me a headache don't anymore. I am almost finished with my first bottle. I can’t wait to see the result after taking bottle #2.  I would highly recommend to anyone who suffers from migraines. 


My headaches are often brought on by physical stress and the result of neck and shoulder injuries. I have needed the relief that this product offers me for years. As much as i wish i had discovered it decades ago, I am very thankful to have it now. I have never found an answer to my pain that stacks up to this one. A perfect combination of ingredients has provided instant relief and recovery. I consider it a gift from God and am so thankful for the efforts of the manufacturer in providing a "miracle" that is SAFE and EFFECTIVE.

Giving Back

health restored gives back

A Business built on giving hope and giving back

Your order makes a difference! A portion of the proceeds from the purchase of Headzen will be donated to the Herren Project .  They are your friends, your sister, and your mother.  These are the faces of addiction.  These are the faces of our loved ones we hope never add to the statistic of overdose deaths. The Herren Project helps to provide drug and alcohol addiction recovery services including treatment placement assistance to those who can't afford it. As well as support for families.

Together we can help save a life!

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